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Medieval Studies

Module code Module title
MEDV1080Religion and Culture in the Western Middle Ages
MEDV2085Medieval Narratives in the Modern World: Nationalism, Terrorism, Popular Culture
MEDV3411Medieval Women Mystics: Visionaries, Saints and Heretics
MEDV3610The Age of Chivalry: The Idea of Knighthood in Medieval Europe, 1050-1450
MEDV5000MIntroduction to Medieval Latin
MEDV5001MIntermediate Medieval Latin
MEDV5020MAdvanced Medieval Latin
MEDV5110MResearch Methods and Bibliography
MEDV5120MPalaeography: Reading Medieval Manuscripts
MEDV5282MGender, Power and the Supernatural: Saints and their Cults
MEDV5295MReligious Communities and the Individual Experience of Religion, 1200-1500
MEDV5330MThe Medieval Tournament: Combat and Spectacle in Western Europe, 1100-1600
MEDV5340MMedieval Bodies