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Languages, Cultures and Societies

Module code Module title
ARAB1001Beginning Arabic 1
ARAB1002Beginning Arabic 2
ARAB1003Persian for Beginners
ARAB1006Turkish for Beginners
ARAB1015Arabic for Beginners
ARAB1030Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilisation
ARAB1150Early and Medieval Islamic History
ARAB1170Studying the Middle East: Culture, History, Politics and Religion
ARAB2007Arabic for Beginners 2
ARAB2010Advanced Arabic Grammar and Translation
ARAB2011Advanced Arabic Grammar and Translation
ARAB2015The Shari?a: Theory, Practice, Transformations
ARAB2020Essential Skills in Practical Arabic
ARAB2021Essential Skills in Practical Arabic
ARAB2091Arab Media, Politics and Society
ARAB2092Arab Media, Politics and Society
ARAB2290Modern Middle Eastern History
ARAB2310Modern Middle Eastern History
ARAB2330The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Middle East
ARAB3020Advanced Skills in Arabic Language
ARAB3072Islam and Modernity
ARAB3110Middle Eastern Politics: Regimes, Societies and Conflict
ARAB3888Advanced Media Arabic: Translation Skills in Text Typology
EAST1020Basic Chinese Language 2
EAST1065China in East Asian History
EAST1110Modern China: History and Culture
EAST1210Basic Japanese Language (1)
EAST1220Basic Japanese Language (2)
EAST1271Japanese History and Society
EAST1450Foundations of East Asia
EAST1500Introduction to Religious and Philosophical Texts of East Asia
EAST1550Introduction to East Asian Religions
EAST1703Basic Thai Language and Culture 1
EAST1704Basic Thai Language and Culture 2
EAST2006China Since 1979
EAST2008The Making of Modern Thailand
EAST2126Classical Chinese
EAST2127Society and Culture of Early Modern China
EAST2128Contemporary East Asian Culture
EAST2180An Introduction to Cantonese (1)
EAST2182Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers 1
EAST2190An Introduction to Cantonese (2)
EAST2212Japanese 2A: Written Communication Skills
EAST2213Japanese 2C: Written Communication Skills
EAST2222Japanese 2B: Spoken Communication Skills
EAST2223Japanese 2D: Spoken Communication Skills
EAST2300Intermediate Japanese (1)
EAST2305Intermediate Japanese 2
EAST2360Chinese Cinema
EAST2480Japanese Development Assistance in a Globalising World
EAST2550Intermediate Chinese (1)
EAST2605Topics in Contemporary Asia Pacific Societies
EAST2704Intermediate Thai Language and Culture 1
EAST2705Intermediate Thai Language and Culture 2
EAST3020Civil Society and the Non-Profit Sector in Contemporary China
EAST3051Modern Documentary Chinese: Politics and Law
EAST3052Modern Documentary Chinese: Society and Development
EAST3070Contemporary Chinese Literature
EAST3080Chinese Literature 1912 - 1949
EAST3120Classical Chinese
EAST3271East Asia's Regional Political Economy
EAST3285Japanese 3: Advanced Communication Skills
EAST3350Japanese Cinema in the World
EAST3707Buddhism: A Lived Tradition
EAST3710Advanced Thai Language and Culture
EAST5037MTransnational East Asian Cinemas
ELU0033Academic Study Skills
ELU0035Academic Study Skills for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
ELU0036Academic Study Skills for Business
ELU0220Academic English for Postgraduate Studies (AEPS) PGR Semester 1
ELU0300Academic English for Postgraduate Studies (AEPS) Level 3
ELU1006Using Writing
ELU2004English through Interpersonal Communication
ELU2006Language Through Literature and Place: Reading Yorkshire
ELU3001Language for Business
ELU3002Language for Social Science and Arts
ELU3005Language for Economics and Finance
ELU3006Language for Human Resource Management
ELU3007Language for Business Management and Enterprise
ELU3009Language for Arts and Humanities
ELU3011Language for Education
ELU3016Language for Law
ELU3018Language for Politics and Society
ELU3019Language for Postgraduate Research
ELU3020English for the Specific Purposes of Maths and the Physical Sciences
ELU3022Language for PGR (4 weeks/summer)
FREN1010French Language Awareness and Skills
FREN1020Introduction to French Studies (Resistance and Desire)
FREN1042Evolution of the French Language
FREN1062Readings in Modern French Society
FREN1070Introduction to Skills in French Translation
FREN2010French Language in Contexts
FREN2015French Language in Contexts
FREN2080Laughter, Love and Chivalry: Society and Culture in the French Middle Ages
FREN2085Laughter, Love and Chivalry: Society and Culture in the French Middle Ages
FREN2090Politics and Society in France since 1945
FREN2095Politics and Society in France since 1945
FREN2120The Foundations of Modern French Thought
FREN2125The Foundations of Modern French Thought
FREN2190The Age of Extremes: Culture, Crisis and Commitment between the Wars
FREN2195The Age of Extremes: Culture, Crisis and Commitment between the Wars
FREN2200Cinema in France: The Seventh Art
FREN2205Cinema in France: The Seventh Art
FREN2340Twentieth and Twenty-First Century French Fiction
FREN2345Twentieth and Twenty-First Century French Fiction
FREN2350Introduction to Professional French Translation and Interpreting
FREN2355Introduction to Professional French Translation and Interpreting
FREN3073Theory and Practice of Interpreting (French and English)
FREN3093Iconic Images
FREN3094The Kaleidoscope: Cultural Perspectives on Contemporary France
FREN3641The Algerian War of Independence: From the Colonial to the Post-Colonial
FREN3751French Cinema, Sex and Gender
FREN3770Theory and Practice in French-English Translation
FREN3865Paris in Revolt. The May 1968 events, past and present
GERM1010German Language Awareness and Skills
GERM1080Researching German Culture, History and Society
GERM120020th Century German History
GERM2060Culture, Critique and Othering in the German-Speaking World
GERM2061Culture, Critique and Othering in the German-Speaking World
GERM2070Behind the Headlines: Germany in the 21st Century
GERM2071Behind the Headlines: Germany in the 21st Century
GERM2080Translating German-Speaking Cultures: The German Language in Intercultural Relations
GERM2081Translating German-Speaking Cultures: The German Language in Intercultural Relations
GERM3090Advanced Translation from German into English
GERM3091Advanced Translation from German into English
GERM3092Advanced Translation from German into English
GERM3220Victims and/or Perpetrators? Remembering the Nazi past in Germany
GERM3240Cultures of protest and resistance: challenging state and society in German-speaking cultures
ITAL1010Italian Language A
ITAL1020Exploring Italy: Introduction to Italian Culture and Society (Advanced)
ITAL1025Exploring Italy: Introduction to Italian Culture and Society (Beginners)
ITAL1030Beginners Italian 1
ITAL1034Art and Literature in Medieval and Renaissance Italy: An Introduction
ITAL1040Italy from Fascism to the Present
ITAL2016Italian Language B
ITAL2017Italian Language B
ITAL2023Introduction to Dante's Comedy
ITAL2024Introduction to Dante's Comedy
ITAL2025Linguistic Variety in Modern Italy
ITAL2026Linguistic Variety in Modern Italy
ITAL2200Italian Cinema: Genre and Social Change
ITAL2201Italian Cinema: Genre and Social Change
ITAL3045Introduction to Dante's Comedy (in Translation)
ITAL3310'Giocare al Romanzo': Italo Calvino and the Novel, from Neorealism to Postmodern
ITAL3400Made in Italy. Italian for Business
LING1060Language Projects
LING1100Language: Meaning and Use
LING1500Key Skills in Linguistics
LING2370Representation, Identity and Control
LING2380Language and Gender
LING2390Language Acquisition
LING2410Language Change
LING2420Interactional Linguistics
LING3005Languages in Contact
LING3030Syntactic Theory
LING3180Language and Gender
LING3190Language Acquisition
LING3200Linguistics Dissertation
LING3220Representation, Identity and Control
LING3290Language Change
LING3310Interactional Linguistics
LING3350Language Processing
LING5005MLanguages in Contact
LING5290MSecond Language Acquisition
LING5400MFoundations of Phonetics and Phonology
LING5410MFoundations of Syntax
LING5420MTopics in Phonetics and Phonology
LING5430MTopics in Syntax
LING5440MApproaches to Linguistics and Language Acquisition
LING5450MMethodology in Language Teaching
LING5460MLanguage Teaching in Practice
LING5470MAcademic Skills in Linguistics
LING5480MResearch Methods in Linguistics
MODL1060Language: Structure and Sound
MODL1070World Histories
MODL1090Intercultural Competence: Theory and Application
MODL1100Politics, Culture and Society
MODL1150Worlds of Literature
MODL1161An Introduction to Thinking Interculturally
MODL1401Discourse, Culture and Identity
MODL1700Introduction to Film Studies I
MODL1800Introduction to Film Studies II
MODL2001Linguists into Schools
MODL2005Linguists into Schools
MODL2015Black Europe
MODL2016Black Europe
MODL2030Introduction to German Cinema
MODL2031Introduction to German Cinema
MODL2055Critical Approaches to Screen Studies
MODL2070Reception, Transmission and Translation: The Global Circulation of Literature
MODL2110Cinema in France: The Seventh Art
MODL2115Film Programming and Exhibition: Curating for Cinemas and Festivals
MODL2230Questioning Genre in World Cinemas
MODL2250Digital Communications Across Cultures
MODL3040Hollywood and its Others
MODL3055Current Enquiries into Film Studies
MODL3150Intercultural Communication and Global Citizenship: A Critical Approach for the Horizon Year Abroad
MODL3300Final Year Project: Dissertation
MODL3340Final Year Project: Extended Translation
MODL3350Final Year Project: Digital Documentary
MODL3410Contemporary World Literature
MODL3510French Cinema, Sex and Gender
MODL3600Material Cultures and Cultures of Consumption
MODL3610Adventures of the Imagination: Crime and the Fantastic Across Continents
MODL3620Decolonial Approaches
MODL3630Social Movements across Cultures
MODL3800Linguists into Schools
MODL5000MComputer-Assisted Translation and Localisation Project Management
MODL5001MMethods and Approaches in Translation Studies
MODL5006MIntroduction to Screen Translation
MODL5007MCorpus Linguistics for Translators
MODL5009MEnglish for Translators
MODL5012MSkills and Issues in Intercultural Studies
MODL5014MRhetoric and Public Speaking
MODL5016MManaging Business Across Cultures
MODL5017MIntroduction to Interpreting Skills
MODL5018MGenres in Translation
MODL5019MIntroduction to Legal Translation
MODL5025MStrategies and Tools in Audiovisual Translation
MODL5028MInternational Organisations: Context, Theory and Practice
MODL5033MEnglish in International Communication
MODL5048MPublic Service Interpreting
MODL5050MWriting for Professional Purposes
MODL5055MCurrent Enquiries into Film Studies
MODL5070MIntroduction to Translation Technologies and Workflows
MODL5080MSubtitling and Respeaking for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audiences
MODL5143MSpecialised French-English Translation B
MODL5144MSpecialised German-English Translation B
MODL5145MSpecialised Italian-English Translation B
MODL5148MSpecialised Russian-English Translation B
MODL5149MSpecialised Spanish-English Translation B
MODL5150MSpecialised English-Arabic Translation B
MODL5233MSpecialised Arabic-English Translation B
MODL5234MSpecialised English-Chinese Translation B
MODL5300MResearch Methods and Project for MAPLIS
MODL5305MResearch Methods and Dissertation for MAPLIS
MODL5322MSpecialised Chinese-English Translation B
MODL5344MSpecialised Chinese-English Translation B
MODL5345MSpecialised Japanese-English Translation B
MODL5346MSpecialised English-Japanese Translation B
MODL5355MSimultaneous Interpreting: Chinese
MODL5380MInterpreting Skills: Consecutive and Simultaneous
MODL5381MRetour Interpreting: Consecutive
MODL5383MBusiness Interpreting
MODL5620MFilm Arts and Industries
MODL5630MIndependent Project
SLAV2103Applied Russian Language 2
SLAV2104Applied Russian Language 2
SLAV2111The Sounds of Russian
SLAV2112The Sounds of Russian
SLAV2410The Spaces of Russian Literature
SLAV2411The Spaces of Russian Literature
SLAV3114Russian Advanced Translation
SLAV3117The Sounds of Russian
SLAV3411The Spaces of Russian Literature
SPPO1010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 1
SPPO1025Beginners Portuguese
SPPO1045The Historical Development of Spain and Hispanic America
SPPO1080Portuguese Language for Beginners 1A
SPPO1081Portuguese Language for Beginners 1B
SPPO1083Intermediate Portuguese Language
SPPO1084Intermediate Portuguese Language
SPPO1091Pre-Intermediate Spanish Language (A2 of the CEFR)
SPPO1092Intermediate Spanish (B1 of the CEFR)
SPPO1093Spanish for Beginners (A1 of the CEFR)
SPPO1145Catalan Language and Culture I
SPPO1410Researching Spanish and Latin American Studies
SPPO1420Researching Spanish and Latin American Studies
SPPO2010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 2
SPPO2011Practical Language Skills in Spanish 2
SPPO2090Portuguese Language Skills
SPPO2091Portuguese Language Skills
SPPO2100Issues in Hispanic Cinema
SPPO2101Issues in Hispanic Cinemas
SPPO2110Literature and the Arts in the Spanish-speaking World
SPPO2115Literature and the Arts in the Spanish-speaking World
SPPO2220Spanish Language Skills B1/B2
SPPO2221Practical Skills in Spanish B1/B2-
SPPO2510Latin America since Independence (c1800 - c1930)
SPPO2511Latin America since Independence (c1800 - c1930)
SPPO2580Translation Theory and Practice in a Spanish - English Context
SPPO2581Translation Theory and Practice in a Spanish - English Context
SPPO2595Catalan Language and Culture II
SPPO2596Catalan Language and Culture II
SPPO2650The Spanish regional Melting Pot: the old same History?
SPPO2651The Spanish regional Melting Pot: the old same History?
SPPO2680Modern Spain (1868-1975)
SPPO2681Modern Spain (1868-1975)
SPPO3010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 3
SPPO3035From Bolivar to Chavez: Revolutionary Icons in Contemporary Latin American Culture
SPPO3050Things Can Only Get Better: The Role of the Arts and Cultural Institutions in Spain's Transition to Democracy (1962-1992)
SPPO3071Contemporary Spain: Politics, Culture and Society After Franco
SPPO3110Advanced Portuguese Language
SPPO3420Spanish-English Translation
SPPO3535Catalan Language and Culture III
SPPO3590Is Spain white? Nation, Immigration and Performance in Spain
SPPO3690New Media in Latin America
SPPO3710Nationalism and National Identity in Spain, 1833 to the Present