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Performance and Cultural Industries

Module code Module title
PECI1703Performance Project 1: From Text to Performance
PECI1704Exploring Performance: Cultures and Contexts
PECI1706Managing Festivals and Events
PECI1707Exploring the Performing Arts
PECI1708Exploring the Musical
PECI1709Stage Management
PECI1711Performance Perspectives
PECI2701Creative Practice and Performance Contexts
PECI2704Interpreting Theatre and Performance Histories
PECI2705Theatre Directing
PECI2706Cultural Flashpoints in the Performing Arts
PECI2707Arts Marketing
PECI2709Performance Design
PECI2713Performer Training in the C20th and C21st
PECI2714Politics, Identity and Performance
PECI3700Independent Research Project
PECI3701Contemporary Issues in Arts and Culture
PECI3702Enterprise Project
PECI3703Performance Project 3: Public Performance
PECI3707Performance Design and Space
PECI3708Contemporary Theatre Makers
PECI3709Social Choreography
PECI3710Starting up in the Cultural Industries
PECI3711Inter-cultural Shakespeare
PECI5102MResearch Project
PECI5104MIndividual Project
PECI5105MCreative Work
PECI5106MPerformance and Collaborative Enterprise
PECI5107MIndependent Research Project (MA)
PECI5204MTheoretical Perspectives: Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
PECI5207MArts Management and Cultural Leadership
PECI5209MCritical Debates in Culture and Place
PECI5211MAudience Engagement and Impact
PECI5213MCultural Participation and Participatory Cultures
PECI5214MCreativity and Innovation Management
PECI5216MArts and Activism
PECI5402MStory Workshop
PECI5403MWriting for Theatre and Radio
PECI5404MWriting for Film and Television
PECI5405MResearch Perspectives (Writing for Performance and Publication)
PECI5501MPerformance Design Praxis
PECI5502MCritical Concepts in Performance Design
PECI5601MApplied Theatre Practices
PECI5602MCritical Concepts in Applied Theatre and Intervention
PECI5701MArts Fundraising and Leadership
PECI5705MThe Costumed Body: Performance, Performativity and Politics
PECI5706MEntrepreneurship and Cultural Industries