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Physics and Astronomy

Module code Module title
PHYS0036Fields and Electricity
PHYS0037Fields and Electricity (IFY)
PHYS1020Stars and Galaxies
PHYS1040Planets and the Search for Life
PHYS1060Physics Laboratory 1- Introduction to Experimental Physics (A)
PHYS1110Physics Laboratory 2- Introduction to Experimental Physics (B)
PHYS1210Physics 2- Properties of Matter
PHYS1250Vibrations and Waves (Geophysics)
PHYS1260Laboratory 1a (Joint Honours and Geophysics)
PHYS1280Vibrations and Thermal Physics (Joint Honours)
PHYS1290Maths 1- Scalars and Vectors
PHYS1300Maths 2- Multivariable Calculus
PHYS1311Introduction to Nanotechnology
PHYS2015High Energy Astrophysics
PHYS2050Communicating Physics
PHYS2060Physics Laboratory 3- Experimental Physics (A)
PHYS2110Physics Laboratory 4- Experimental Physics (B)
PHYS2150Stellar Structure and Evolution
PHYS2300Physics 3- Fields and Energy
PHYS2310Physics 4- Quantum and Nuclear Physics
PHYS2320Computing 2- Computational Physics
PHYS2330Nanophysics and Nanotechnology
PHYS2360Quantum Mechanics (Joint Honours)
PHYS2370Maths 3- Matrices and Operators
PHYS2380Maths 4- Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
PHYS3281Star and Planet Formation
PHYS3382Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHYS3394Quantum Matter
PHYS3422Magnetism in Condensed Matter
PHYS3511Advanced Mechanics
PHYS3543Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics
PHYS3605Physics in Schools
PHYS3777Advanced Experimental Techniques and Analysis
PHYS3778Advanced Lab (MNatSci)
PHYS5016MSoft Matter Physics: Liquid Crystals
PHYS5017MQuantum Many-Body Physics
PHYS5019MAdvanced Literature Review
PHYS5100MWinds, Bubbles and Explosions
PHYS5342MSoft Matter Physics: Polymers, Colloids and Glasses
PHYS5360MQuantum Transport in Nanostructures
PHYS5380MQuantum Field Theory
PHYS5390MGeneral Relativity
PHYS5431MCurrent Research Topics in Physics