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Physics and Astronomy

Module code Module title
PHYS0036Fields and Electricity
PHYS1020Stars and Galaxies
PHYS1040Planets and the Search for Life
PHYS1060Physics Laboratory 1- Introduction to Experimental Physics (A)
PHYS1110Physics Laboratory 2- Introduction to Experimental Physics (B)
PHYS1210Physics 2- Properties of Matter
PHYS1250Vibrations and Waves (Geophysics)
PHYS1260Laboratory 1a (Joint Honours and Geophysics)
PHYS1280Vibrations and Thermal Physics (Joint Honours)
PHYS1290Maths 1- Scalars and Vectors
PHYS1300Maths 2- Multivariable Calculus
PHYS1311Introduction to Nanotechnology
PHYS2015High Energy Astrophysics
PHYS2050Communicating Physics
PHYS2060Physics Laboratory 3- Experimental Physics (A)
PHYS2110Physics Laboratory 4- Experimental Physics (B)
PHYS2150Stellar Structure and Evolution
PHYS2300Physics 3- Fields and Energy
PHYS2310Physics 4- Quantum and Nuclear Physics
PHYS2320Computing 2- Computational Physics
PHYS2331Nanophysics and Small Systems
PHYS2340Electromagnetism (Geophysics)
PHYS2350Electromagnetism (Joint Honours)
PHYS2360Quantum Mechanics (Joint Honours)
PHYS2370Maths 3- Matrices and Operators
PHYS2380Maths 4- Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
PHYS3281Star and Planet Formation
PHYS3382Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHYS3394Quantum Matter
PHYS3422Magnetism in Condensed Matter
PHYS3511Advanced Mechanics
PHYS3522Bionanophysics 1
PHYS3543Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics
PHYS3605Physics in Schools
PHYS3777Advanced Experimental Techniques and Analysis
PHYS3778Advanced Lab (MNatSci)
PHYS5016MSoft Matter Physics: Liquid Crystals
PHYS5017MQuantum Many-Body Physics
PHYS5019MAdvanced Literature Review
PHYS5100MWinds, Bubbles and Explosions
PHYS5342MSoft Matter Physics: Polymers, Colloids and Glasses
PHYS5380MQuantum Field Theory
PHYS5390MGeneral Relativity
PHYS5431MCurrent Research Topics in Physics