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Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science

Module code Module title
HPSC1030History of Psychology
HPSC1045Introduction to the History of Science
HPSC1050Darwin, Germs and the Bomb
HPSC1070Living with Technology
HPSC1080History of Modern Medicine
HPSC2150History of Science in 10 Objects
HPSC2307Science, Culture and Society in the Industrial Age
HPSC2400History of Psychiatry and Mental Illness
HPSC3200Science Communication: History & Theory
HPSC3450Mind, Brain & Society
HPSC5400MAdvanced Topics in History and Philosophy of Biology
IDEA1000Professional Ethics: Challenges and Crises
IDEA2000Leadership Ethics
IDEA3301Reasons, Virtues and Obligation
IDEA3304Conscience, Codes and Professional Issues
IDEA3305Autonomy, Rationality and Psychiatric Issues
IDEA3306Distributive Justice and Scarce Medical Resources
IDEA3307Current Developments in Health Care Ethics
IDEA3312Ethical Issues at the Beginning of Life
IDEA3313Ethical Issues at the End of Life
IDEA5210MIntroduction to Ethics: Reasons, Motivation, Obligations and Happiness
IDEA5220MProfessional Issues 1
IDEA5230MAgents and Professional Responsibility
IDEA5240MProfessional Issues 2: Privacy and Confidentiality
IDEA5250MProfessional Issues 3: Consent and Contracts
IDEA5260MJustice: Fairness, Equality and Diversity
IDEA5270MGlobal Environmental Ethics
IDEA5280MBusiness Ethics
IDEA5301MReason, Virtues and Obligation
IDEA5304MConscience, Codes and Professional Issues
IDEA5305MAutonomy, Rationality and Psychiatric Issues
IDEA5306MDistributive Justice and Scarce Medical Resources
IDEA5307MCurrent Developments in Health Care Ethics
IDEA5312MEthical Issues at the Beginning of Life
IDEA5313MEthical Issues at the End of Life
IDEA5322MEthical Issues at the Beginning of Life (Online)
IDEA5333MEthical Issues at the End of Life (Online)
IDEA5344MConscience, Codes and Professional Issues (Online)
IDEA5355MAutonomy, Rationality, and Psychiatric Issues (Online)
IDEA5366MDistributive Justice and Scarce Medical Resources (Online)
IDEA5377MCurrent Developments in Health Care Ethics (Online)
PHIL1005The Mind
PHIL1007Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
PHIL1080The Good, the Bad, the Right, the Wrong
PHIL1109How Science Works
PHIL1120Great Philosophical Thinkers
PHIL1222PPE First Year Seminar - Semester 2
PHIL1250How to Think Clearly and Argue Well
PHIL2122Formal Logic
PHIL2212History of Modern Philosophy: Leibniz and Hume
PHIL2221Ancient Philosophy
PHIL2295Ethics of Life and Death
PHIL2402Topics in Epistemology: Theory and Evidence
PHIL2422Topics in Epistemology: Knowledge and Justification
PHIL2532Philosophy of Religion
PHIL2600Philosophical Issues in Biology
PHIL2611How Biology Works
PHIL3123Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics
PHIL3320Philosophy of Biology
PHIL3322Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art
PHIL3700Feminist Philosophy
THEO1015Introduction to the Study of Islam
THEO1350Introduction to the Bible
THEO1760Studying Christianity
THEO1900Introduction to South Asian Religions
THEO1910Religion in Modern Africa
THEO1920Religion, Politics and Society in the Modern World
THEO1930Introduction to the Study of Religion/s
THEO1960Religion in Modern Britain
THEO1970Introducing Theology
THEO2000Theology and Religious Studies Students into Schools
THEO2040Modern Theologians
THEO2251Sociology of Religion
THEO2286God, Sex and Gender in Africa
THEO2300Studying Religion in Context
THEO2720Religion, Gender and Society
THEO3021Muslims in Britain: Transnational Communities and Multicultural Politics
THEO3040Ideologies of Hebrew Bible Texts and Readers
THEO3170Religion, Belief and Ethics
THEO3190Religions and Global Development
THEO3215Modern Theologians
THEO3280Religion, Politics and the Future
THEO3286God, Sex and Gender in Africa
THEO3880The Religious Mapping of Leeds
THEO5030MSin, Public Discourse and Public Life
THEO5100MContemporary Issues in Religion and Gender
THEO5325MReligion and Society: Research Process and Methods
THEO5370MTheology and Public Life