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Sociology and Social Policy

Module code Module title
SLSP0121Social Inequalities in Contemporary Society
SLSP0122Social Inequalities in Contemporary Society IFY
SLSP1110Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
SLSP1150Politics and Social Transformation
SLSP1170Understanding and Researching Contemporary Society
SLSP1180Crime and Deviance
SLSP1190Identities, Inequalities and Policy in Contemporary Society
SLSP1200Sociology of Modern Societies
SLSP1210Formations of Modernity
SLSP2010Sociology and Social Policy Research Methods
SLSP2040Disability Studies: An Introduction
SLSP2050The Sociology of Gender
SLSP2062Health and Society
SLSP2145Crime, Race and Ethnicity
SLSP2150Debates in Childhood and Youth
SLSP2650Key Debates in Social Policy
SLSP2953Urban Disorders, Social Divisions and Social Control
SLSP3041Sociology Dissertation
SLSP3051Social Policy Dissertation
SLSP3120Disability Rights and the International Policy Context
SLSP3160Education, Culture and Society
SLSP3200Dissertation in Crime
SLSP3211State Crime and Immorality
SLSP3220Contemporary Children, Young People and Families
SLSP3230Global Terrorism and Violence
SLSP3242The Social Life of Data
SLSP3500Gender, Technologies and the Body
SLSP3930Sociology of Consumerism
SLSP3961Protest and Social Movements
SLSP3995Ethnicity and Popular Culture
SLSP5216MSocial Policy, Politics and Disabled People
SLSP5302MContested Bodies
SLSP5304MQue(e)rying Sexualities
SLSP5307MQuantitative Research Methods
SLSP5311MDisability and Development
SLSP5312MTheorising Gender 1
SLSP5313MTheorising Gender 2
SLSP5314MUnderstanding Society and Culture
SLSP5316MSociology of Media and Culture
SLSP5350MPublic Administration in a Globalised World
SLSP5370MReality TV: Truth or Fiction?