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Earth and Environment

Module code Module title
SOEE0011Introductory Geological Sciences (IFY)
SOEE1034Natural Hazards
SOEE1052Our Habitable Planet
SOEE1112Sustainable Development
SOEE1120Vertebrate Evolution
SOEE1135Foundation Chemistry
SOEE1150Fundamentals of Geophysics
SOEE1160Computers and Programming in Geosciences
SOEE1302Advanced Mathematics 1
SOEE1312Advanced Mathematics 2
SOEE1382Skills for Environmental Social Science
SOEE1390Introduction to Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility
SOEE1450Environmental Politics and Policy
SOEE1460Environmental Science for Environmental Management
SOEE1610Introduction to Creating Sustainable Futures
SOEE1620The Rock Cycle
SOEE1630Field, GIS and Research Skills
SOEE1640Earth Through Time
SOEE1670Geology and Society
SOEE16803D Earth
SOEE1690Shaping the Earth
SOEE2041Advanced Mathematics 3
SOEE2110Introductory Oceanography
SOEE2145Palaeoecology, Palaeobiology and Evolution
SOEE2160Climate Change: Science and Impacts
SOEE2190Time Series Analysis and Digital Signal Processing
SOEE2205Contaminated Environments
SOEE2210Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics
SOEE2250Numerical Methods and Statistics
SOEE2310Tools and Techniques for Business, Environment and Corporate Responsibility
SOEE2372People, Sustainability, and the Environment
SOEE2481Atmospheric Pollution from Local to Global Scales
SOEE2550Applied Geophysics
SOEE2570Research in the Environmental Social Sciences
SOEE2630Fundamentals of Geophysics
SOEE2650GIS for Geoscientists
SOEE2661Advanced Mathematics 4
SOEE2690Managing Biodiversity
SOEE2900Petrology and Geochemistry
SOEE2930Advanced Field and GIS Skills
SOEE2940Applied Geosciences
SOEE2950Sedimentary Basins and their Resources
SOEE2960Resources from Rocks and Minerals
SOEE2980Global Tectonics
SOEE3030Environmental Research Project
SOEE3058Independent Geophysical Project
SOEE3073Independent Field Projects (GS)
SOEE3102Isotope Geochemistry
SOEE3112Environmental Risk: Science, Policy and Management
SOEE3135Engineering Geology
SOEE3151Dynamics of Weather Systems
SOEE3171Volcanic Processes
SOEE3190Earth Observations from Space
SOEE3200Practical Geophysics
SOEE3250Inverse Theory
SOEE3260Global Seismology
SOEE3410Atmosphere and Ocean Climate Change Processes
SOEE3450Structural Geology
SOEE3470Plate Tectonics and Geodynamics
SOEE3480Past Global Environmental Systems
SOEE3515Ice in the Earth System
SOEE3530Global Geophysics
SOEE3600Ore Deposits and their Exploitation
SOEE3630Strategic Energy Issues
SOEE3670Reservoir Simulation 2
SOEE3700Practical Weather Forecasting
SOEE3740Seismic Interpretation
SOEE3760Terrestrial Biosphere in the Earth System
SOEE3790Advanced Environmental Science Field and Research Skills
SOEE5017MGeological Investigation and Characterisation
SOEE5030MSoils Engineering
SOEE5045MRock Engineering
SOEE5047MRock Mechanics
SOEE5050MEngineering Geology: Dissertation Project
SOEE5051MBusiness, Environment and Sustainability
SOEE5070MHydrogeology and Contaminant Processes
SOEE5090MAdvanced Environmental Science Field and Research Skills
SOEE5094MIntroduction to Ecological Economics
SOEE5095MEnvironmental Economics and Policy
SOEE5110MExploration Geophysics: Project and Dissertation
SOEE5112MApplied Geoscience Case Study
SOEE5116MComputational Inverse Theory
SOEE5136MGeophysical Reservoir Evaluation
SOEE5141MNear-Surface Geophysics
SOEE5147MGravity and Magnetic Methods
SOEE5155MSeismic Fundamentals and Acquisition
SOEE5157MApplied Geophysical Methods
SOEE5166MSeismic Data Processing
SOEE5171MSeismic Reflection Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphy
SOEE5179MSustainability Consultancy Project
SOEE5190MDeveloping and managing environmental projects
SOEE5195MEngineering Geology
SOEE5226MManaging and Delivering Sustainability through Projects and Organisations
SOEE5231MThe Regulatory and Planning Context for Sustainable Projects
SOEE5234MIsotope Geochemistry
SOEE5281MIntroduction to Sustainability
SOEE5305MGeological Sciences Field Project (MGeol)
SOEE5310MMGeophys Independent Geophysical Project
SOEE5341MIssues and Cases in Corporate Social Responsibility
SOEE5400MEnvironmental Research Project
SOEE5472MEnvironmental Policy and Governance
SOEE5483MCritical Perspectives in Environment and Development
SOEE5492MResearch Philosophy and Design in the Environmental Social Sciences
SOEE5497MEnvironment & Development International Field Course
SOEE5510MPractical Geophysics
SOEE5531MHazards, Resilience and Sustainable Engineering
SOEE5540MClimate Change: Physical Science Basis
SOEE5550MClimate Change: Impacts and Adaptation
SOEE5561MClimate Change Mitigation
SOEE5585MEnvironment & Development Case Study: from theory to practice
SOEE5626MStructural Geology
SOEE5630MVolcanic Processes
SOEE5656MPast Global Environmental Systems
SOEE5660MOre Deposits and their Exploitation
SOEE5670MGlobal Seismology
SOEE5675MInverse Theory
SOEE5680MDynamics of Weather Systems
SOEE5707MIntegrated sub-surface analysis of hydrocarbon reservoirs
SOEE5735MPetroleum Reservoir Engineering
SOEE5745MReservoir Simulation 1
SOEE5835MAdvanced Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics
SOEE5970MTerrestrial Biosphere in the Earth System