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Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American

Module code Module title
SPPO1025Beginners Portuguese
SPPO1045The Historical Development of Spain and Hispanic America
SPPO1080Portuguese Language for Beginners 1A
SPPO1081Portuguese Language for Beginners 1B
SPPO1091Pre-Intermediate Spanish Language (A2 of the CEFR)
SPPO1092Intermediate Spanish (B1 of the CEFR)
SPPO1093Spanish for Beginners (A1 of the CEFR)
SPPO1145Catalan Language and Culture I
SPPO1410Researching Spanish and Latin American Studies
SPPO1420Researching Spanish and Latin American Studies
SPPO2010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 2
SPPO2011Practical Language Skills in Spanish 2
SPPO2090Portuguese Language Skills
SPPO2091Portuguese Language Skills
SPPO2100Issues in Hispanic Cinema
SPPO2101Issues in Hispanic Cinemas
SPPO2430Modern Spanish-American Literature
SPPO2431Modern Spanish-American Literature
SPPO2510Latin America since Independence (c1800 - c1930)
SPPO2511Latin America since Independence (c1800 - c1930)
SPPO2580Translation Theory and Practice in a Spanish<>English Context
SPPO2581Translation Theory and Practice in a Spanish<>English Context
SPPO2595Catalan Language and Culture II
SPPO2596Catalan Language and Culture II
SPPO2680Modern Spain (1868-1975)
SPPO2681Modern Spain (1868-1975)
SPPO3010Practical Language Skills in Spanish 3
SPPO3035From Bolivar to Chavez: Revolutionary Icons in Contemporary Latin American Culture
SPPO3361The Regulation of Sexuality in Iberia and Latin America
SPPO3420Spanish-English Translation
SPPO3535Catalan Language and Culture III
SPPO3690New Media in Latin America
SPPO3710Nationalism and National Identity in Spain, 1833 to the Present