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Sport and Exercise Sciences

Module code Module title
SPSC1031Motor Control: Foundations of Control and Learning
SPSC1107Functional Anatomy for Sports Scientists
SPSC1211Tutorial and Practical Skills in Sport and Exercise Science
SPSC1216Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
SPSC1218Introduction to Biomechanics
SPSC1224Exercise Bioenergetics
SPSC1301The Physiology of Exercise Testing and Performance
SPSC2113Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise
SPSC2115Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise
SPSC2218Professional and Research Skills: Working as a Sport and Exercise Scientist
SPSC2222Exercise at the Limits: Physiology in Challenging Environments
SPSC2230Muscle Function and Adaptation
SPSC2240Human Motor Development
SPSC2242Physical Activity and Health
SPSC3105Mechanics of Sport Performance
SPSC3125Motor Control and Neurorehabilitation
SPSC3318Exercise and Psychological Health
SPSC3321Advanced Exercise Physiology
SPSC3326Exercise Prescription for Health and Disease
SPSC3328Sport Medicine, Health and Nutrition
SPSC5130MFunctional Sports Anatomy and Clinical Assessment
SPSC5132MMusculoskeletal Medicine and Sport Injuries
SPSC5134MThe Sport and Exercise Medicine Practitioner I
SPSC5201MExercise Physiology, Health and Sports Nutrition
SPSC5203MPhysical Activity, Health and Exercise Prescription
SPSC5235MThe Sport and Exercise Medicine Practitioner II
SPSC5320MProject Work and Dissertation
SPSC5331MMSK Issues of the Upper and Lower Limbs
SPSC5332MChronic Considerations in MSK
SPSC5333MThe MSK Practitioner